Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fremont update

Globe still empty, but spinning forward, developer says

Fred Kim and developer John Wynn of Imperial Investment and Development are working on city permits for the next village, an ode to the Pacific Rim, but they don't have money to build it.

"We've had to revise our strategy in terms of funding," Kim said, noting that credit is tight these days. Their plan is to find foreign capital, he said.

They also are asking the city to let them make a major change to the development plan, putting a 200-room hotel in Europa Village, which was slated to have European-themed shops.

Saigon Village
Cyclo Cafe-The prospective owner of the Cyclo CafĂ© — a coffee shop that is fully furnished, but not yet open — backed out for family reasons, Fred Kim said. A few other prospective tenants also backed out this year for various reasons, he said.

Pho Appetit (Open October 9, 2008) (Free soda on 10/9/08-11/9/08)

Pho Appetit, a Vietnamese restaurant, is scheduled to open next month in Saigon Village. Six more establishments, including a food court, sushi bar and nightclub, dentist office and rice museum could be in by early 2009, Kim said.

With only an East West Bank and World Gourmet opened on the edge of Saigon Village, Pho Appetit owner John Nguyen is concerned about being the first merchant to open inside of it.

"It's going to be tough there; there's no foot traffic, Nguyen said.

He said he has been paying rent for nearly a year and was told that other shops would be open that still aren't operating.The restaurant will offer authentic Vietnamese food with modern service, he said.

Kim said he understood Nguyen's concerns, and said other shops were on the way. Among those that have either gotten city permits or are planning to get them are a food court, a Thai and Vietnamese restaurant, a dentist shop, a rice museum and Yogurtzinha — a tea, gelato and frozen yogurt shop that is will have a second location in Pleasanton.

Kim, who said he also is negotiating with a potential sports bar operator, is looking for city permission for a sushi bar and nightclub.

Orchid Restaurant
Taste of Asia/Vietnam - Food Court (Open Soon)
Rice Museum
Miss Saigon
Royal Thai
dentist shop

Yogurtzinha (Open December)
Second location: Downtown Pleasanton
600 Main Street, Suite F
Pleasanton, CA 94566
Publish Post

Fremont Times Square
Now under construction

Pacific Commons
Asian Pearl (Open September 4, 2008)

Coming soon Fremont Bank Aqua Adventure Water Park update.

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