Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fremont needs to change. Part 1/2

Rich Cities and Poor Cities
Many people are shopping and going to the Century Theater to watch movies. Fremont is poor, while other cities are rich. Why is that? Milpitas has great shops, restaurants, and high-tech companies. People like to shop, dine, and play over there. When people shops and go eat at a restaurants, more revenue go to the city. I went to the Great Mall and there were so many people shopping and dining. That makes Milpitas get more tax revenue. I mostly go to Milpitas Square to eat at restaurants because Milpitas Square has great restaurants and a big shopping center. I also went to San Jose, Union City, Newark, and Cupertino restaurants. Sometimes I go eat at Chinese restaurants in Fremont, but Fremont has less restaurants than other cities. A lot of people work at high-tech companies. Mostly people who work at Cisco or Google are mid-high income. High-tech companies earn alot of money, so more revenue go to the city.

Shopping , Dining, and Play
People love to shop, dine, and play. I really want a shopping mall in Fremont, where there is an outlet shopping center or luxury shopping center that people would love to shop at. The shopping center has to be new and have up-to-date architecture. This would also attract more people to Fremont. Why is Fremont building alot of shopping center if less people shop in Fremont? Because people love to shop at clothing stores. Such as American Eagle Outfitters, Banana Republic, Hollister, etc. Fremont just keeps building the same shopping center. Also they tried to bring us stores like furniture, home, and office supplies. Who will shop there? I only buy furniture, home, and office supplies every 1-5 years. But clothing stores, I will shop once per week or month. Bob Wasserman brings 90 restaurants to the Fremont area and a lot of people, including me love going to them. But we need to stop opening restaurants at old shopping center, so we can improve on other things rather that restaurants that don't get that much business. I will discuss more in the next paragraph. We need bowling alleys, sport teams, movie theaters, and ice skating rings in Fremont. Why? I will discuss in Part 2. We have this in Fremont already, but they too old and need to be updated and remodeled .

Rebuild shopping center + Why are restaurants closing?

We shouldn't keep opening restaurants at downtown Fremont, until we improve shopping centers. Fremont Plaza Courtyard used to have Uno, then it change to Pasta Q, then it's now Joey Basil's Pizza & Pasta. Next to Sweet Tomatoes, we used to have SFO Pizza and now we have Straw Hat Pizza. We shouldn't keep adding restaurants there. Because a lot of restaurants
are opening and then closing a few years later. We should start improving that area and rebuild a better shopping center there. If we start improving the areas that need to be improved, then more people will shop and dine in Downtown Fremont. I'm can't wait for them to start construction at Capitol Avenue Downtown Project.

Fremont should change 30-50 years. How we want are city to look like.

Our city should change from Suburban to Urban, because of Global Warming. I will like the city to be more like Dubai. Also, I wish the government would spend more money on buying single
family housing, so they can turn into mixed-use development. All I want for this community is to live, work, play, shop, and dine. Not everywhere in Fremont, but in one location. Instead of driving to shop, work, or even play, we can have more have shopping areas closer to our peoples homes. Example, I live in condo then I walk few block to work, then few block to go groceries store. But Suburban, people have to drive to get groceries then drive out of town to work. In the general plan, Fremont should design a street where light rail can go. This would help save gas money for people and will keep our environment cleaner. Fremont should try to ask MTC for funding a light rail service. Fremont should have it where people can walk or take transportation to work.

A's Ballpark Village.

I'm very supportive of the A's moving to Fremont. Last time my cousin went to Santana Row and she like watching a Jazz Concert. She loves Jazz music and she want a Jazz concert in
Fremont. I said theres a concert at Lake Elizabeth. But she wants a jazz concert near the shopping center. So, I said A's Ballpark is going to be similar to Santana Row and there will be a concert there. Before she was against the A's moving to Fremont, but now she is supportive of the A's moving to Fremont. The A's Ballpark Village will have a park.

Ashely Furniture has no right to oppose the A's Development. Ashely Furniture opened a store after the A's announce they are moving to Fremont. Parking and Traffic is mostly the big concern in Fremont. Last week, I talked to a Lawyer about the A's Ballpark Village. The lawyer said that they need at least 20,000 parking space. It must be a multistory garage. A's proposed plan is 11,000 parking space. If the bus can hold 4,000 people then they need at least 5,000 parking space. If Fremont, A's, and MTC work together, then the A's Ballpark can happened. Most Developers don't like spending money on parking because most parking won't get charge. This causes the developers to not get money on parking, but if Fremont and MTC give the A's money to pay for parking, then it will happened

Next, I will discuss part 2, and who I will endorse the city council and mayor, and why?
Part 2, I will discuss recreation, school, and Newark and Fremont.

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NoAs said...

Good site. But I hope I'm not the only one reading this;-)

Kindly remind you I have been a few Jazz concerts in the current Pacific Commons. We don't need a stadium to bring in high end retailer and Jazz concert. BTW, did you see any stadium nearby when you visit Santana Row? Now the A's even plan to delay the residential and retailer part and just build the stadium first. Do you still support it?

Please let your cousin know the above comments;-)

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