Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pacific Commons Update

Know Opened & Coming Soon
Kaenyama Sushi & Teppanyaki (Now Open) August 28,2007
They are offering 50% discount for all sushi plates from 8/28 to 8/30.
Focus Beauty Center (Now Open) August 25-26,2007
100% Healthy Dessert ( Unknown Open) (Possible open: August-September) (Status: Under Construction).
Yogi House (Now Open) August 18-19,2007
Taiwan Food talk ( Unknown Open) (Possible open: September-October) (Status: Under Construction/ Almost Complete)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fremont Water Park Update

Sorry for delays, For the Fremont Ground Breaking Video won't be working. I will fix the problem and post next couple of weeks.

Design of the Water Park are now on the city website. The Water Park Site Plan is called Fremont Bank-Aqua Adventure.

Lazy River and the Bridge Change.
I know this design is different as original design. For Fremont Water Park Lazy River original design has 3 Bridge. The new design has change, know as 1 bridge. I like the new design for the lazy river because they can easily get out. This lazy river is similar to Raging Waters Lazy River. The 1st entrance and exit for the lazy river is beach entry. The 2nd entrance and exit for the lazy river is Youth Pool that can be exit lazy river then go to Youth Pool and you can enter the lazy river. That's the only Bridge to get to Youth Pool. You can either take the lazy river or the Bridge. The last lazy river entrance and exit that can either exit to get to Water Slides and enter to get to lazy river. Its not easy to get to Water Slides. There's two choice to get there. 1st choice is enter the lazy river and walk or use inner tubes, by middle of lazy river and exit to get to the Water Slides. 2nd choice is to walk around the lazy river to get to Water Slides. This time there's no bridge for Water Slides. I think that is the stairs for lazy river like Raging Waters.

Water Park Change.
The Lap Swimming has change is know the right not the middle. The building is not sure because it keep moving and no description. All I see is a lot of Morris Cove.

They do have a Water Slides color but I'm not sure if this is right. This is example I'm not sure.
Yellow- Open Slides-Inner Tubes- Swimming Pools.
Green(Blue)- Enclosed Slides-Inner Tubes- Swimming Pools.
Blue(Orange)-Enclosed Slides-Speed Slides-Body Slides.
Red- Open Slides-Speed Slides-Body Slides.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Newswrap 8/12/2007

Shanghi restaurant ( Now Open) July 28,2007
Kaenyama Sushi & Teppanyaki ( August-September) Status: Under Construction.
Focus Beauty Center(August-September) Status: Under Construction.
LC Dental (Now Open) Unknown of Grand Opening
100% Healthy Dessert( Unknown Open) (Possible open: August-September) (Status: Under Construction).

Fremont Water Park Status: is Pre-design and Fence is around the Swim Lagoon.
(Status of Construction: Couple of Weeks).

Vida Vine is Grand Opening.

Coming Soon Post Cisco Field update and Water Park.

City breaks ground on water park

City breaks ground on water park
by Wes Bowers

Click photo to enlarge

The sleepy Puerto Penasco Swim Lagoon will soon be replaced with water slides, lap pools and picnic areas for the public to enjoy.

City officials, Fremont Bank Foundation and the Candle Lighters broke ground Tuesday afternoon on the long-awaited Fremont water park, recently dubbed Aqua Adventure.

The park, which has been in the planning stages since 1998, will not be a water slide park like Raging Waters or Water World, said Annabell Holland, Fremont Parks and Recreation Department director.

Instead, Holland said Fremont's facility will take some of the tamer elements from those parks.

Aqua Adventure will be built with four water slides, a "lazy river," a lap pool, two picnic areas and classrooms to educate the public on water and nature.

The Puerto Penasco Swim Lagoon, which opened in 1969, officially closed in 2001 due to an aging infrastructure, declining attendance and increased costs, city reports indicate.

In 1998, Holland was given the task of surveying the community to see if such a project would be welcomed in Fremont.

Now, nine years later, and following several bumps in the road, the park will finally get off the ground.

Holland said Aqua Adventure should open in May 2009.

"This will be a facility we can all be proud of and the community can thoroughly enjoy," she said.

City Manager Fred Diaz said it was important to make the project delayed by increasing construction costs a sustainable and successful feature in Fremont.

"This project was not without its challenges," Diaz said. "When a project like this relies on various funding sources, it's hard to come in under budget."

Two funding sources include local community organizations, Fremont Bank Foundation and the Candle Lighters.

Fremont Bank Foundation donated $1 million in funds to the park, and the Candle lighters matched $600,000 in grant funds to get the project going.

Mayor Bob Wasserman said city tax dollars will not be used to build or operate the facility.

The mayor added that while the cost of the park escalated beyond what city officials had hoped, nearly every project the city has undertaken recently was over budget.

"This project has hit a number of blocks, and it's been on and off," Wasserman said. "Well, it's on again. I think controversial projects are good for us. We took a lot of criticism on this project, but we're finally moving forward."

Hattie Hyman-Hughes, Fremont Bank Foundation president, said she was honored to donate funds to the park, because her father Morris Hyman loved Fremont's Central Park.

She added that she could see him looking down on the swim lagoon that day smiling.

"This is truly a good day for Fremont Bank," she said. "This is the largest grant the foundation has made to date, and hopefully it won't be the last we make."

Concord-based Sierra Bay Contractors Inc. will build the park, at a cost of $14 million.

Construction is scheduled for completion by August 2008, with commission and testing done that September.

In addition, staff training will take place in fall and winter, so the park can be open by Memorial Day 2009.

Thereafter, the water park would then be open from Memorial Day to Labor Day annually.

Starting this week," I will post a Video of the City breaks ground on water park."

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