Sunday, August 12, 2007

Newswrap 8/12/2007

Shanghi restaurant ( Now Open) July 28,2007
Kaenyama Sushi & Teppanyaki ( August-September) Status: Under Construction.
Focus Beauty Center(August-September) Status: Under Construction.
LC Dental (Now Open) Unknown of Grand Opening
100% Healthy Dessert( Unknown Open) (Possible open: August-September) (Status: Under Construction).

Fremont Water Park Status: is Pre-design and Fence is around the Swim Lagoon.
(Status of Construction: Couple of Weeks).

Vida Vine is Grand Opening.

Coming Soon Post Cisco Field update and Water Park.


Sam Ju said...

Hi Kaenyama Sushi is open now. They are offering 50% discount for all sushi plates from 8/28 to 8/30

Brian Chang said...

Thank You

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