Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fremont Water Park Update

Sorry for delays, For the Fremont Ground Breaking Video won't be working. I will fix the problem and post next couple of weeks.

Design of the Water Park are now on the city website. The Water Park Site Plan is called Fremont Bank-Aqua Adventure.

Lazy River and the Bridge Change.
I know this design is different as original design. For Fremont Water Park Lazy River original design has 3 Bridge. The new design has change, know as 1 bridge. I like the new design for the lazy river because they can easily get out. This lazy river is similar to Raging Waters Lazy River. The 1st entrance and exit for the lazy river is beach entry. The 2nd entrance and exit for the lazy river is Youth Pool that can be exit lazy river then go to Youth Pool and you can enter the lazy river. That's the only Bridge to get to Youth Pool. You can either take the lazy river or the Bridge. The last lazy river entrance and exit that can either exit to get to Water Slides and enter to get to lazy river. Its not easy to get to Water Slides. There's two choice to get there. 1st choice is enter the lazy river and walk or use inner tubes, by middle of lazy river and exit to get to the Water Slides. 2nd choice is to walk around the lazy river to get to Water Slides. This time there's no bridge for Water Slides. I think that is the stairs for lazy river like Raging Waters.

Water Park Change.
The Lap Swimming has change is know the right not the middle. The building is not sure because it keep moving and no description. All I see is a lot of Morris Cove.

They do have a Water Slides color but I'm not sure if this is right. This is example I'm not sure.
Yellow- Open Slides-Inner Tubes- Swimming Pools.
Green(Blue)- Enclosed Slides-Inner Tubes- Swimming Pools.
Blue(Orange)-Enclosed Slides-Speed Slides-Body Slides.
Red- Open Slides-Speed Slides-Body Slides.

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