Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rich Cities but not Fremont and Mayor

San Jose

Rich: 18th floor city hall, Santana Row, Eastridge Mall, Westfield Oakridge, and High-tech companies.

Poor: Spend too much money and poor


Rich: Nice city hall, High-Tech Companies and Great Mall


Rich: Mall and nice city hall

Gus Morrison: Anti-Development and Oppose A's
Bob Wasserman: Bring A's to Fremont, Bring Restaurants to Fremont, Support High Density, and make city to go Green
Steve Cho: Support A's, wants vacant office to be lease, Vote "NO" on Water Park, Wants A's to put on Ballot.

Gus Morrison did nothing about Fremont and how he improve Fremont. He have been working on Pacific Commons since August 27, 1996. Pacific Commons is not very successful. Theres no traffic and less people shop at Pacific Commons. Fremont is very poor and has finances trouble.

How did
Downtown/Capitol Avenue redevelopment plan to be Funded? Sales Tax Revenue

How did city get
Sales Tax Revenue? Oakland A's Ballpark Village and Bayside Marketplace. Mostly clothing stores will get Sales Tax Revenue.

Will Pacific Commons get successful and will people shop there? Yes, Oakland A's Ballpark Village will attract people to shop at Pacific Commons and Oakland A's Ballpark Village Retail.
Whoever live at the Ballpark Village don't have to drive other places to shop. People can just shop at Pacific Commons and Ballpark Village without driving. Hopefully they won't have to drive
Bayside Marketplace and The Globe. Mayor Bob Wasserman said, " in the future we will have monorail from Bart to Bart and Ballpark Village to The Globe." " We meet with John Wynn and Lew Wolff about it before, but need to get Ballpark Village and The Globe to be built."

How we get Whole Food Market? Mostly Location Location Location. But some can be Oakland A's Ballpark Village and Ohlone College.

"Sales tax revenue is forcing the city to implement a selective hiring freeze and delay allocating $2 million toward the Downtown/Capitol Avenue redevelopment plan."

What if Gus Morrison is elected?: Your making wrong choice
Gus Morrison did not do anything about these thing. He is not very good mayor and doesn't know city that well. If he was elected, he will destroy Oakland A's Ballpark Village. How about future? I predict that in the future, we will have downtown in 50 years or we don't get downtown at all.

Remember that Oakland A's Ballpark Village will fund Downtown Fremont.
Bob Wasserman is the one who brings A's to Fremont.

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