Monday, February 4, 2008

Newswrap for 2/04

Opening Date:
Asian Pearl will try to open in April or May (the latest).
Yogurtswirl will open in April. (Under Construction)
Chef Nous Bakery will possible start construction in 4 weeks and complete in 2 months.

Saigon Tenants:
Rice Museum
Taste of Vietnam (Food Court)
Cyclo Cafe (Under Construction) Open February or March
East West Bank (Open)
Pho Appetit (Under Construction) Possible open July or August

Pacifica Village at the Globe might start construction this month and complete June or July. Construction planned to construction January, because of permitting issues. Soon they will receive their permit for Pacific Village.

Please note
In Richmond, Asian Pearl Seafood Restaurant don't have the traditional dim sum carts to order off of, but it is the type where you check off an order card and they bring you your little dishes and steamers straight from the kitchen. Fremont will have traditional dim sum carts to order off of.

Yogurt Swirl which is similar to Pink Berry and Yogurtland. It mostly similar to Yogurtland. Yogurtland is where you make your own frozen yogurt yourself and choose your own toppings. It might have 6-7 frozen ice cream machine.

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jeff said...

hey brian, really appreciate this blog. my wife and I are moving to the area later this year and there's a lot of good info here, keep up the good work!

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