Friday, February 8, 2008

Fremont General Plan project

First, some good news:  The city awarded a grant by the Air
Quality Management District to incorporate greenhouse gas
reduction into the General Plan. Part of the grant commitment
is for them to put on a targeted issue forum on greenhouse gas
. Let
Dan Schoenholz know if you're interested in
helping to put on this event; He need all the help he can get!

Later this month they will be talking to the Planning
Commission (2/21 at 7:00p.m in the Council Chambers) about the
General Plan and specifically about land use and housing to
get some feedback from them. On 2/26 they will have a
discussion with the City Council regarding where to
accommodate future residents and also about possible changes
to affordable housing policies in the General Plan (7:00 p.m.
in the Council Chambers). As part of these discussions they
will be presenting results from our public meetings and on-line
survey that relate to land use and housing.

They have tentatively scheduled similar sessions in March and
April on land use related to commercial and industrial uses and on
parks, but he don't want to give dates yet because they might
move around.

They been busy the last couple of months trying to pull
together several of the technical background reports and
hope to have them posted on-line in the next couple of weeks
or so.

Let him know if you have questions!

Dan Schoenholz

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