Tuesday, May 13, 2014

To answer people's comment

Does anyone know what is going on with the old El Torito location on the corner of Paseo Padre and Stevenson? Little Tree Montessori!!!! It is a preschool/day care and education facility. More info on this project. Click here: Little Tree Montessori

Also is the Palo Alto Med Clinic expanding? Palo Alto Medical Foundation Surgery Center!!!!
To construct a 20,400-square-foot outpatient surgery center and a 216-space, three-level above-ground parking structure on the Palo Alto Medical Foundation campus at 3200 Kearney Street.  The surgery center would be located in an area adjacent to Stevenson Boulevard that is currently occupied by a surface parking lot, while the parking structure would be built in an open, landscaped area adjacent to Paseo Padre Parkway near the intersection of Paseo Padre and Stevenson. More info on this project. Click here: Palo Alto Medical Foundation Surgery Center

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Anonymous said...

In the El Torito spot - that will be a montesorri pre-school

PAMF is building a new surgery facility. Was originally going to be a full hospital but the project cost overruns were too great. But it will be a great addition to the facility.

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