Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Block Survey

Here are the survey results

More than 50% of the vote:
1) Apple Store (82%)
2) California Pizza Kitchen (68%)
3) H&M (67%)
4) Yard House (55%)
5) Urban Outfitters (51%)
 Higher than 60% of the votes will be in red.

 92% of Fremont residents will shop at The Block at Pacific Commons if the businesses include an Apple Store, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Tilly's, California Pizza Kitchen, and Wet Seal.

If The Block at Pacific Commons has Men's Wearhouse, ULTA Beauty, Tilly's, Styles For Less, Payless ShoeSource, The Boiling Crab, and Which Wich?? Will you shop at The Block?  
43% Only go there when I need something 
22% No- I will shop elsewhere like Westfield Valley Fair or Great Mall 
35% Yes- I will shop at The Block 

Top 5 Comments:
  • Pacific Commons is the place all students and young adults go when they're bored on a Friday night or have nothing to do. The addition of these stores, especially more sit down restaurants and clothing stores, will truly thrive in a community where high school students are constantly in need of something to do when they're bored. Pacific Commons need more stores like these! 
  • We need young and fun places to shop/eat/hangout. It would be great to have some unique restaurants (or stores) that will make people choose to come here over another mall. The HUB isn't what it used to be, so don't bring the same tired stores to the Block.  
  • Some of the store’s choices already have nearby locations, which would not be a good fit at the Block. Therefore, there needs to be ideas for names of stores and restaurants that do not have any nearby locations. 
  • Ulta Beauty and Men's Wearhouse have no value to me, and are not enough to draw me to The Block. I can't think of a place more behind the times than Men's Warehouse. So disappointed these stores are coming in. The Counter would've been a great draw, but I see it's not coming now. I thought this was going to be a more upscale and different place to shop?  
  • More juniors' fashion please.. so many high schoolers/college kids/20's people in Fremont.. Fremont should be more fun! :) Thanks 
Top Business Suggestions:
  •  Pinkberry
  • Cheesecake Factory


allison ford said...
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Allison said...

All of these new restaurants and stores are great and I think it is helping develop Fremont as more of a consumer's city rather than just a residential wasteland. I see that people are excited about places that are appropriate for youngadults under 20, but what about the 21+?

The only bars around Fremont are dives and run down (except for Saddle Rack, which is expensive to even get in to). I think Pacific Commons would be a great place to add a place where we can go on a Saturday night rather than driving to San Jose, Livermore or even the City. Having them so far away causes DUI's to go up and it's just unfortunate that we have to go so far to have a good time.

No one comes to Fremont or KNOWS of Fremont because there is nothing to do here...a centralized "downtown" area wouldn't hurt.

I grew up in this area and it's a GREAT place to raise a family, but what happens around here when we all graduate and grow up? We need something to do.

Anonymous said...

I would like to get a Wahoo's Fish Taco in Fremont

sandwa said...

We do NOT need Payless, Wet Seal or Tilly's. There is a Tilly's in Great Mall, a Wet Seal and Payless in Newpark Mall, and another Payless in the Fremont Hub. All of these stores aren't popular enough to warrant an addition to the Pacific Commons line up. Also, I'm not sure if an Apple store is necessary.. How long will the iPhone reign last? Android phones are a tough competitor.

Anonymous said...

Open a philz coffe and cheesecake factory

Dragwidge26 said...

We need a Peet's Coffee!!!!! I'd support a Philz as well

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