Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fundraiser for Bob Wasserman at Japra Mahal

India Post News Service

The current Mayor of Fremont, Bob Wasserman runs against former Fremont mayor Gus Morrison and Councilman Steve Cho.

Under Wasserman's leadership, the city, the fourth largest in the Bay area, is now a hub for arts to sports to fine dining to high tech companies.

Many in Fremont are keen to see Wasserman serve again as Mayor and on Sunday, June 8, in a bid to help the re-election of Wasserman as Mayor, Dr Romesh Japra hosted a fundraising dinner at his residence, Japra Mahal. Also present were Vice Mayor Bill Harrison and Council Member Bob Wieckowski, and Council Member, Anu Natarajan, the first Indian to be elected to the City Council.

The Vice-Mayor and council members spoke highly of Wasserman's leadership skills, political acumen, and his dedication to serving the city of Fremont. 'Please come back Mayor', smiled Anu Natarajan. Bob Wasserman remarked it would be an honor to serve Fremont again as Mayor. He spoke glowingly of his team, saying that interaction with his Council members has always been fruitful if there has been criticism; it's been healthy, constructive criticism.

He said Fremont is slowly but surely flourishing, becoming more business friendly, and the home of several high tech companies. Currently, the city of Fremont is working closely with the A's, and the A's now have completed the land transaction and control 226-acres of land in the City of Fremont where the new Cisco Field ballpark and the urban village will be built. In addition, the A's will continue to work with the City staff on the steps necessary to commence the public application process.

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