Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fremont Update: Part 1

Pacific Commons

Yogurt Swirl (Now Opened)
Asian Pearl (Mid July or Late July)
Chez Nous Bakery (June or July)
Dickey's Barbeque Pit ( Open July 7, 2008) Please note the date change

The Globe

Saigon Village
Cyclo Cafe (Open June or July)
Pho Appetit (Open 2-3 weeks)
Orchid Restaurant
Taste of Asia/Vietnam - Food Court (Open August)
Rice Museum
Miss Saigon
Royal Thai
1 New Tenant (Unknown)

Fremont Times Square
Navlet's Garden Centers (Demolish July)

Coming Soon

Straw Hat Grill ( formerly Pizzeria SFO Bar & Grill, next to Sweet Tomatoes)

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S said...

Mr. Chang, do you know if any modern movie cinemas are being planned to built here in Fremont, or hell, even NewarK?

Our CInedome 8 is too old!

please rpely to me at

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