Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Globe

China Village

Supermarket, Gong De Lin Xiao Nan Guo, Tea Store, and restaurant.
Start Construction 1-2 weeks. Complete February, 2009.

Pacifica Village

Cellphone, Pizza, and World Gourmet Buffet.
Start Construction 1-2 weeks. Complete December, 2008.

JK Town

Oceana Seafood Market Restaurant include supermarket restaurant, and among other businesses. Start Construction 1-2 weeks. Complete February, 2009.

Saigon Village

Cyclo Cafe (Should opened anytime)
Pho Appetit (Should opened anytime)
Taste of Vietnam ( Start construction April and opened August)

Fremont Times Square
Here’s what the new Asian-themed shopping center in Warm Springs (formerly Navlet’s Garden Center) will look like:

The Navlet’s Garden Center in Fremont’s Warm Springs District is closing at the end of June. The nursery and an adjacent business that sells rocks for landscaping are scheduled to vacate the site by June 15. The store, which has been near the corner of Mission and Warm Springs Boulevard for 35 years, is being forced out so the property owners can build an Asian-themed grocery store.Navlet’s, which has been in business since 1885 and has four other East Bay locations, is trying to find a new home in Fremont.

Barry Swenson Builder, which is developing Union City’s high rise residential towers near its BART station, has bought the land and is building a 94,000-square-foot Asian-themed shopping center. The anchor tenant will be a Marina Food supermarket, which is known for having a good fish department. The developer is also planning for a spa, medical offices and an acupuncturist, among other businesses. Groundbreaking is scheduled for July, and the supermarket should open in the second half of 2009.

Pacfic Commons
Asian Pearl (Opened June)
Yoswirl (Unknown opening date)
Chez Nous Bakery (Unknown opening date)
Dickey's Barbeque (Unknown opening Date)
Prolific Oven (Unknown opening date)

Smart & Final
Drug Emporium is scheduled to be a new Smart & Final location.

Summerhill Homes project on State Street Walnut Avenue
Summerhill is redesigning their project with their sister organization, The Urban Group, to turn it into rental housing. When they are done it may have to come back to the Planning Commission or Council for any needed amendments.

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