Monday, March 31, 2008

What is Urban City?

The increase of urban city, means that their are more shopping center, more business which attracts many people from other cities and it also helps the city as it get more taxes. As the Urban city develops it is usually very "together" crowed in which a person can just walk to the next store instead of driving 10 miles to get to store, which is use of fossil fuel and causes CO2 in the atmosphere.

Urban needs more Mixed-use development. Such as Office, Retail, and Housing or condo. Need public school near your house, without driving very far.

Most Urban cities had transportation. Such as subway, light rail, bus, and monorail. It's more easier than driving and wasting gas.

Oakland A's Ballpark Village
Capitol Avenue Downtown Fremont
Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

Example Cities:
New York
San Jose
San Francisco
Los Angeles

We want:
Better places to live, work, and play
Lifestyle with more walking, and less stress
Reduced traffic congestion and driving
Greatly reduced pollution and environmental destruction
Greatly reduced dependence on foreign oil
Reduce Global Warming

We don't want:
Driving and spend more money on gas
Increase Global Warming
Stuck in traffic to go to work
Drive 10-20 miles to go shopping and Whole Food Market

Do Not Vote For Gus Morrison. We will stuck Suburban forever.

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