Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Citizens for a Better Community

Citizens for a Better Community - which is a local service group that is primarily Chinese Asians. They're involved in many community projects as well as having our own programs to serve the homeless, youth, the elderly and their internship program, where they are place primarily people your age in various local legislative offices - something you might be interested in considering. This is their website : www.cbc-sfbay.com However, they are doing a major rehaul of the site but this will give you a flavor of the many things that we are involved in that has heightened their contributions and participation in the Fremont Community.

Their hallmark annual event is their CBC Spring Celebration which will be held March 29 at the Fremont Marriott. This year their theme is Olympics related - Beijing 2008 - One Community One Dream, with this year's main entertainment - an American Idol like talent show where contestants will audition, and if chosen would perform that evening to compete for cash prizes of $150-500.

They are encourage their youth to try out their talented - it promises to be a lot of fun.

On the evening of March 29, 2008, one winner will walk away with a Grand Prize of $500


Seven Finalists will compete for
Grand Prize: $500, 2nd Prize $250 and 3rd Prize $150

Think you got talent? Amateurs of all kinds are invited to try out. Individuals and groups of up to 10 people welcomed. Singers, dancers, animal acts, musicians, bizarre novelty acts, magicians, comedians, belly dancers.......all ages…...the sky's the limit! Don't miss your opportunity to perform before a panel of celebrity judges and an audience of 500 to prove to the CBC Community that YOU have indeed what it takes to be the next big star!

If you think you do, in 30 words or less, describe your talent and send your name and contact information to Ray Tong:

E-mail: PacGenCon@sbcglobal.net Fax: 510-824-0492

The more interesting your entry, the better your chances of being selected! The first 60 entries will be invited to give a 4 minute audition on Feb. 15th or 16th. You will be notified by email. If you make the cut and are selected to be a finalist, you will perform at the CBC Spring Celebration on March 29, 2008 at the Fremont Marriott, where the winners will be chosen.

Are you the next great star? Do you have what it takes? Make your Dream come true; enter now for a chance to become CBC’s next big discovery!

All auditions will be videotaped and out takes shown during the Spring Celebration Event and/or posted on YouTube.com.*

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