Saturday, December 22, 2007

Part 2, 3, and 4 Housing/Mixed-use, Recreation, and Fremont

1. Should the City of Fremont build more Mixed-use Development or more Multi-family homes?
More Mixed-use Development 63.6% 7
More Multi-family homes 36.4% 4
The winner is: More Mixed-use Development

2. What type of housing do you want in the City Of Fremont?
Condo 20.0% 2
Apartment 30.0% 3
Townhouse 60.0% 6
Multi-family 60.0% 6
The Winner is: Townhouse and Multi-family

1. What type of Park do you visit beside Fremont and California? Tell what you enjoys their park. Should they have in Fremont? Please describe their park and are they beautiful?

1. None. We only visit other areas to fish.
2. Coyote Hills Park. A natural Wild Life habitate with Foxes, Egrets, Swamp Hawkes. The City of Fremont is allowing development of the Coyote Hills Natural Area. The process has just started, there is still time to STOP IT.
3. state parks wilderness
4. none
5. Boston, they are clean, quiet, grass, no playground, clean lake, and go for walking. Band pavilions during 8-10 p.m. nighttime
6. Water Park
7. Newark's Aquatic Center, Not necessary but already in the works. dog park in North Fremont would be nice. We use the one in Union City - its well done.
8. Fremont has enough parks.

2. What are you Concern of Recreation in City Of Fremont? What kind of Recreation do you want in Fremont?
1. Don't use the recreation programs.
2. Please, no more ballparks that are rarely used. More passive parks, Naturalist parks
3. bike riding,hiking
4. it's lousy
5. Clean the Ducks poops, more light for night walk for Lake Elizabeth, and Water Park Expansion instead of 7 acres, but more acres 7 or more.
6. ball field

3. Should they build Water Park in Fremont? Not available

1. What should the City turn into?
Urban 41.7% 5
Suburban 33.3% 4
Small feel Town 25.0% 3
The winner is: Urban

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