Saturday, November 17, 2007

EMC releases VERY encouraging poll results in regard to the A's project!

A's have been working very hard this past year to reach out to the community for feedback in regard to the A's proposed Cisco Field/Ballpark Village proposal. I am very proud of the efforts I have seen the A's go to in an effort to reach out to the community and to make people aware of their project. The A's even went as far as to hire, EMC Research, to poll citizens of Fremont to see if the A's have been focusing on the concerns and issues that are most important to the citizens of Fremont.
I am attaching the press release , so you can review the poll results for yourself. I am sure you will be just as encouraged as the A's were when they first saw the results.

We support for the A's effort to build the most State of the Art facility in all of Major League Baseball, right here in Fremont!
Go A's

P.S. Make sure to tell all of your friends that share your same desire to support the A's to sign up for our A's To Fremont Support Group online at

For more info on
A's Public Opinion Presentation go online at

To: Lew Wolff, Keith Wolff, Michael Crowley
From: Alex Evans, Tom Patras
Re: Fremont Research
Date: October 17, 2007

EMC Research, Inc., recently conducted a telephone survey in Fremont, California.
Outlined below are some of the results and key findings from this study.

Key Findings
A strong majority support the A’s ballpark village project. When asked whether they
support or oppose the construction of a new baseball village within Fremont, 62% say
they support the project, compared to 34% who are opposed; only 4% are undecided.
Awareness of the project is extremely high, with nearly all (98%) having heard
something in the news recently about the project.

Considering nearly everyone has heard of the project, and only 4% are undecided, it is
particularly encouraging that 62% are in support of the project today. People have heard
of it and most of them like what they hear.

Fremont, along with supporting the project, has a strongly favorable opinion of the
Oakland Athletics baseball organization. When asked if they have a favorable or
unfavorable opinion of the A’s, 69% say they have a favorable opinion of the A’s,
compared to 18% who have an unfavorable opinion of the organization.

The job creation and revenue generating aspects of the ballpark project are
important to people in Fremont. When told the project would create hundreds of local
jobs, 73% indicate they are more likely to support the project. Similarly, when told the
project will generate revenue for Fremont city services, 72% say they are more likely to
support the project.

The construction of a new elementary school is another popular component of the
project. When asked to rate “a brand new, technologically-advanced elementary school”
on a 1 to 7 importance scale, 69% rated it as a 5 or higher.

Fremont places high importance on the potential transit connectivity of the project.
Respondents were asked to rate certain components of the project on a 1 to 7 importance
scale. Seventy-four (74%) rated the potential for transit options, “including connection to
BART, CalTrain, and ACE Train service,” as a 5 or higher, including 53% who rated it a


The research suggests that the Oakland A’s project is popular in Fremont. By and large,
people like what they have heard about the project so far and generally believe it would
be a good thing for Fremont.

People like the many positive aspects that the project brings to Fremont, including: job
creation; generating revenue for the city; a new state-of-the-art elementary school; new
parks and landscaped open spaces; and potentially expanded transportation options.


The sample for this survey consisted of 400 registered voters in the City of Fremont,
California. A pre-test of the survey was conducted with 25 voters on September 24,
2007. The remaining interviews were conducted September 25 through September 27.
The overall margin of error for this study is +/- 4.9%.

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